Youth Code Drop Industrial Crusher, “Puzzle”

Published on:

Los Angeles-based industrial-meets-hardcore duo — consisted of vocalist Sara Taylor and programmer Ryan George — have released a blistering new track, “Puzzle.” Hear it below now.

The group announced via Instagram, “Not only are we releasing a new single today, but we’ve teamed up with Isolate/Create and put the stems out for it as well. Can’t wait to hear what everyone does with this and don’t forget to tag us and #isolatecreate in it! Song will be on streaming sites by the weekend, but it’s up on bandcamp and YouTube now.”

The band says of the track, “‘Puzzle’ is a song written with the mindset of what happens when everything is ruined and defeat is the ever racing thought that paces the mind. Given the current climate, artistic individuals being forced to take pause whatsoever can be very difficult and harrowing. Hopefully with continuing creativity and furthering new breath into these tracks, we will have given way to inspiration for all and added just a little more gasoline to our internal burning fires. The song is 125 BPM and produced by us and J Clark. We are extremely excited to hear what this song turns into in the hands of others.”

If you’re not up-to-speed what on Isolate/Create is, in late March experimental post-hardcore collective the Armed released a rough mix of an unfinished track titled “Apocalypse Song,” offering it to fans to download and collaborate. After that, other artists saw the project and wanted to take part. Since then, the group has launched the interactive platform Isolate/Create. So far Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, Deafheaven, Dead Cross, La Dispute, Pelican, Slow Mass and others have all contributed stems, multi-track sessions, RPG games and/or video files.

Isolate/Create, according to their website, is “a free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the COVID-19 crisis.”

They ask you: “Stay at home and make something cool. All for the greater good of stopping the literal apocalypse. Share your work using #isolatecreate. Please support the contributing artists via the links in their profiles if you are able.”