Wristmeetrazor’s Justin Fornof: 5 Surprising Songs I Love

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down the live music circuit, screamo revivalists Wristmeetrazor have been keeping busy. Still riding high off the buzz around their 2019 album, Misery Never Forgets, the band recently released a ripping new song “Take Your Shot, Funboy” as well as a seething take of the Sisters of Mercy classic “Black Planet.” The SOM cover is not particularly surprising considering the group’s gothy aesthetic, but frontman Justin Fornof does love plenty of other music that jives less well with his band’s uncompromisingly abrasive sound and vision. We asked him to share five songs that might shock his fans — he had some great picks, a few very tongue-in-cheek.

The Beatles – “Back in the USSR”

In [2020] it’s strangely taboo to like the Beatles. I’ve always been a fan of their simplistic and clever delivery. As a child, during our many cross-country moves, my father would play the entire Beatles discography. Looking back now, I believe my enjoyment might be a light case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The Weeknd – “The Morning”

If you know me, you know I’m not much for modern hip-hop or R&B. This song, in particular, was introduced to me by an escort I was briefly romantically involved with years back. She described this song as “the most accurate depiction of work that I’ve ever heard in music.” It’s a great song, but — naturally — I just wanted to hear more Jumbo’s Clown Room stories.

The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”

Another song introduced to me — and indulged intimately — by a long-lost former lover. I don’t like music like this, I can’t listen to or talk about this song. For the purposes of this list, I listened to 30 seconds of it. It’s a vapid, pointless pop song. Masochistically, I enjoy it because it hurts me. It also gives me chest-gripping anxiety just seeing the title. If I hear it in public, I walk quickly in any direction it’s not playing. Next.

Ariana Grande – “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”

I’m a very avid consumer of both pop culture and aesthetic. Both are things Ariana excels at. Plus, Misery Never Forgets recently appeared on a couple FYE bestseller lists next to Sweetener. I figured this could be my opportunity to pique her interest a little. Hi Ari.

Save Ferris – “Come On Eileen”

The single strangest genre — in my opinion — that I indulge in regularly is ska. There is no way you could possibly surmise by looking at me that I actually enjoy a lot of poppy third wave ska. Growing up in the late Nineties/early ’00s, ska was essentially the laidback, feel-good ying to my much more constant, sad, angry, bleak yang. This song is a twofer because I love both the original and the cover. Two songs no one would ever think I openly enjoy while I’m trying to mentally recalibrate.