See Insane New Short Horror Film ‘Budfoot’ Featuring Music by Electric Wizard

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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It’s 4/20, and fearless content-makers Gunpowder + Sky have teamed with short-form horror distributors ALTER to unleash the perfect short horror movie for the occasion: Budfoot. The 16-minute cult classic in the making tells the psychedelic tale of an indie toymaker, Jo Carver, whose latest creation comes to life and — guess what?! — it’s trying to kill him! Is this reality or just paranoid delusion? The lines are blurred as Carver tries to destroy the demonic, inter-dimensional weed monster before it destroys him. The action escalates in the toymaker’s cartoonish laboratory, and who better to provide the music to such mind-frying insanity as the U.K.’s leading occult-obsessed heavy bong-hitters, Electric Wizard?

Budfoot stars Henry Zebrowski (Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Last Podcast on the Left) and artist SKINNER (Mastodon videos, High on fire, the Black Plot, Drawing With Skinner), and was directed by James Sizemore (The Demon’s Rook, Goat Witch) and Tim Reis and media team (Bad Blood: The Movie, Mastodon, Asleep in the Deep) from a script written by Akom Tidwell. Special effects were handled by Shane Morton (Cheddar Goblin from Mandy, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and VFX team Rock and Egg. As for the scene-stealing Budfoot Toy, it was created by James Sizemore, and maybe best of all, if you want a Budfoot of your own, you can pick up one of the He-Man-esque figures via:

Watch below for an unnatural high all its own.