Hear Glenn Danzig’s Cover of Elvis Presley’s “One Night” off ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ Album

mor10am, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s no secret that Glenn Danzig loves Elvis Presley. His nickname, after all, is “Evil Elvis,” and one of the standout cuts off his breakthrough 1993 Thrall-Demonsweatlive EP was a metallized cover of The King’s snarling classic “Trouble.” (Danzig also cover Elvis’ “Let Yourself Go” on 2015’s Skeletons.) Long in the works, Danzig’s long-form tribute to Presley, aptly titled Danzig Sings Elvis, is finally due April 17th, and he’s offered up a taste of the LP in the form of his reverent rendition of “One Night,” one of 14 tracks on the album (see the full track listing below). “It’s a great song,” Danzig told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “There’s a lot of different versions of it that I did while I was in the studio with multiple vocal takes. I did some a little softer, some a little harder. Some in between. The one I decided on is the one I like the best.”

The singer also revealed that he originally planned to only record an EP of Elvis tunes, but the project took on a life of its own. “What happened was, in between doing it, I’ve been working on a million other things. I’m working on other records,” he explained. “It started out as, ‘I’m gonna do a Danzig Sings Elvis EP, and it can be four or five songs.’ And eventually, while doing other records, we’d have downtime and I’d just turn to Tommy [Victor, guitarist] and say, ‘Let’s do another Elvis track or two.’ He’s like, ‘OK.’ Eventually, it became an album.

Danzig plans to play a select number of Elvis-themed shows, which had to be postponed to the COVID-19 pandemic, later in the year. “I want it to be kind of an old-school, Vegas-y vibe that’s all seated with 400 or 500 seats,” he shared. “Right now we’re just gonna do San Francisco and L.A. We’ll have tables right up onstage. No pit. None of that crazy shit. Come relax. If you want to have a drink, great. If not, come watch me and the guys do some Elvis stuff — it will be all Elvis stuff.”

Danzig Sings Elvis track listing:
01. Is It So Strange
02. One Night
03. Lonely Blue Boy
04. First in Line
05. Baby Let’s Play House
06. Love Me
07. Pocket Full of Rainbows
08. Fever
09. When It Rains It Really Pours
10. Always on My Mind
11. Loving Arms
12. Like a Baby
13. Girl of My Best Friend
14. Young and Beautiful