Wolfheart’s Tuomas Saukkonen: 5 Weirdest Places I’ve Performed

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Finnish melodic death-metal outfit Wolfheart are gearing up to drop their latest full-length, Wolves Of Karelia, on April 10th via Napalm Records (you can pre-order it here). The Nordic crushers have played shows all over the world, and before the coronavirus changed their plans, the quartet were set to hit North America starting today (March 19th) on the “Devastation on the Nation” tour with Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Abigail Williams and Imperial Triumphant. With that trek on hold, we caught up with Wolfheart frontman and mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen to look back on the strangest spots he’s ever played.


1. Dubai

We played a show there and spent a long weekend. Never seen so much sand and Lamborghinis in one place.

2. Tokyo Shibuya

Not super weird on a global scale, but for a Northern man who loves his solitude it was a loooooot of small people, small cars, small food portions, neon lights, etc. to handle.

3. Kiev, Ukraine

Got fucked up by a Greek promoter and, instead of flying straight home from Athens, made a two-day bonus trip to Ukraine. Awesome food, a lot of concrete and shady taxis.

4. Omens, Trondheim, Norway

Got an off-day gig at the smallest venue ever, with a capacity of about max 50 people, and basically played in somebody’s living room that was also a bar. Never seen a sofa in the middle of a mosh pit. Sold-out show!

5. Paris Catacombs

Had time on an off-day of a tour to visit the underground catacombs of Paris where bones of over 1 million dead are shown. [A] literally bone-chilling experience.