Hear Myrkur’s Gorgeous New Folk Song “Gudernes Vilje”

Photo by Shawn Brackbill
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Danish extreme-metal firebrand Amalie Bruun has fearlessly rankled corpse-painted trve believers with her project Myrkur and its adventurous mix of ethereal folk and blackened riffery, as heard on critically acclaimed albums like 2015’s M and 2017’s Mareridt. Myrkur’s latest endeavor, the forthcoming LP Folkesange, sees the singer and multi-instrumentalist leaning fully into her folk inclinations via original compositions that channel the sound and spirit of Scandinavian traditional music. So far, she’s offered up two captivating singles from the album, “Ella” and “Leaves of Yggdrasil“; today, March 3rd she’s unveiled Folkesange’s third and final single, “Gudernes Vilje,” the title of which translate into English as “The Will of the Gods.” The gripping, ethereal song showcases Bruun’s crystal-clear singing accompanied by piano, violin, mandola, cello and frame drum.

“I wrote this song about being given the biggest gift in life and then having it taken away from you,” Bruun commented of the single. “‘Alt går som Gudernes Vilje’ means everything goes according to the will of the Gods. We are only human and some of the biggest most important things in this life, are completely out of our control.”

Folkesange is due out March 20 on Relapse. See the full track listing, as well as Myrkur’s upcoming live dates, below. You can pre-order the album here.

Folkesange track listing:
1 – Ella
2 – Fager som en Ros
3 – Leaves of Yggdrasil
4 – Ramund
5 – Tor i Helheim
6 – Svea
7 – Harpens Kraft
8 – Gammelkäring
9 – House Carpenter
10 – Reiar
11 – Gudernes Vilje Vinter

Myrkur live dates:
07/09 – 07/11: Gefle, SE – Gefle Metal Festival
08/05 – 08/08: Jaroměř, CZ – Brutal Assault Festival