Misery Loves Co.’s Patrik Wirén on Craziest Show, Dream Show, and More

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Industrial-metal stalwarts Misery Loves Co. split two decades ago after releasing three albums, 1995’s self-titled offering, 1997’s Not Like Them and 2000’s Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share. Over most of those 20 years, fans had little reason to believe that the Swedish band, led by the core duo of Patrik Wirén (vocals) and Örjan Örnkloo (guitar, bass, programming), would ever resurface, but then in 2017, seemingly out of nowhere, the group re-formed and late last year they dropped a big comeback album, ZERO. Of course, the band members are music fans, as well as creators, so in the lead-up to ZERO’s release, we chatted with Wirén to discuss the first, worst and wildest concerts he’s attended as a concertgoer.

What was your first concert as a fan?
KISS, Erikdalshallen, Stockholm, 1980. I was nine years old and it was loud as hell, but I didn’t even notice.

What was the worst show you’ve been to?
Killing Joke, Roadburn festival in Holland, 2012. I’m such a big fan and had high expectations. But this wasn’t one of their greatest nights.  

How about your craziest show?
Screaming Trees, Roskilde festival, 1992. Mark Lanegan at a very odd mood, pushing monitors off the stage and fighting the security. Truly crazy.

What was the smallest show you’ve seen or played?
Misery Loves Co., a nameless pub in Eerie, USA, 1995. The only one there was our support band Shihad, the owner and a dog.

How about the biggest show you’ve seen or played?
I rarely go to huge shows but … David Bowie, Stockholm Stadion, 1990. He did one of his greatest hits tour, which was nice. And Kim Wilde as support.

What would be your dream show?
Seeing OM in the desert would be amazing. That’s an environment that would suit their music perfect. Or Melt Banana in Tokyo. Or Viagra Boys in my living room …