Great American Ghost’s Ethan Harrison: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

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Boston-based hardcore group Great American Ghost are gearing up to drop their ferocious new album, Power Through Terror, on Friday, February 14th via Entertainment One (it’s available for pre-order now.) Ahead of the big date, we caught up with vocalist Ethan Harrison to find out what albums changed his life. He highlighted some great, classic albums, spanning punk, hardcore and metal.

The Clash – London Calling

Every thing I am stems from this record. My mother gave it to me from her collection when I was 11, and I never looked back.

Green Day – Dookie

This record bangs to this day. It was the first album that I ever remember listening to in full. I would lay on my floor in my bedroom and play it over and over, and it inspired me to pick up a guitar and then learn every single Green Day song. Full disclosure — every song is the same power chords in a different order.

Metalica – Master of Puppets

I don’t know where I found this record, but it was a shot to my whole being. Up to that point, I only knew how to play Green Day songs on guitar, and when I got this record, it introduced me to real metal and a level of musicianship that I had never heard. Not to mention the album is heavy as hell.

Give Up the Ghost – We’re Down Till We’re Underground

Up until I got this record, I didn’t get hardcore music. This album showed me a hardcore that spoke to me specifically. More disillusioned and melancholy than anything I had ever heard while still energetic and angry. This record inspires me every single day.

Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

This album reminded me of just how vital punk rock could be.