Victorius’ Dirk Scharsich: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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There are plenty of swords and sorcery–themed power-metal bands. There are plenty of military history–themed power-metal bands. But ninja-themed power-metal bands? There may be only one: Germany’s Victorius. As the ass-kicking, hard-shredding quintet prepare to release their next LP, Space Ninjas From Hell, on January 17th via Napalm Records (you can pick up a copy here), we reached out to guitarist Dirk Scharsich to find out about the albums changed his life. Not surprisingly, there were a few swords and sorcery–themed power-metal bands in the mix.

Hammerfall – Crimson Thunder

Everything started with that album for me. I know every single note on that album and it’s probably the one I listened to the most out of all of the CDs I own.

Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle-Earth

A true masterpiece. Blind Guardian demonstrate with this record how unbelievably good musicians and songwriters they are.

Manowar – Warriors of the World

It’s not their best album, but it was the first album we really recognized when it came out. We were young metal kids, and back then it was not possible to ignore Manowar. The promotional campaign for that album in Germany was just huge.

Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder

Back when COB was still cool! I discovered that album much later after its release. I guess Alexi Laiho is the reason I play Jackson RR guitars.

Arch Enemy – Rise of the Tyrant

This is back when Arch Enemy was still cool, too. In my opinion, at this point they were at the top of their careers, songwriting and guitar action-wise. Michael Amott is still my absolute hero in regards to guitar players.