See Disturbed’s “Down With the Sickness” Sung in Style of Metallica, Faith No More, Pink Floyd

Biha, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Sure you know the OG song, but have you heard it as a Tears For Fears track?

Virtuosic parody-singer Anthony Vincent has done it once again on his 10-Second Songs YouTube channel, this time taking on Disturbed’s omnipresent 2000 nu-metal hit “Down With the Sickness” and performing the song in 20 different styles ranging from that of modern hip-hop guru Childish Gambino to the retro black and white stylings of a silent film. Among the other notable takes are Metallica, Simon & Garfunkel, Faith No More, adult contemporary (or “basically Michael Bolton” as the caption notes), Yungblud and even Pink Floyd. His incredible knack for nailing both the vocal intonation of each act’s singer and recreating the musical style perfectly is incredible and speaks to the longevity of his unique and popular practice.

Vincent created his YouTube channel in 2014 after spending two years making and uploading the projects to his own website in order to promote his freelance work. He now has over three million subscribers and regularly churns out creative videos like last month’s “Welcome to the Jungle in the Style of Rammstein” and “Enter Sandman in The Style of Bowie.” The “styles” videos, as he calls them, are released on the 10th of every month with a “fan favorite” usually arriving on the 20th

If you can’t get enough of his weird and wondrous creations via YouTube alone, check out Vincent’s Patreon featuring contribution levels that give fans access to high-quality downloads, bonus content, the ability to vote in fan polls and an hour-long monthly live stream.