Misery Loves Co.’s Patrik Wirén: 5 Surprising Songs I Love

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Swedish industrial-metal veterans Misery Loves Co. broke up 20 years ago after releasing three explosive albums — 1995’s self-titled offering, 1997’s Not Like Them and 2000’s Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share — which managed to evoke Ministry, Napalm Death and Alice in Chains in equal measure. For most of the time since, fans had little reason to think that the band, centered around the core duo of Patrik Wirén (vocals) and Örjan Örnkloo (guitar, bass, programming), would ever resurface, but then in 2017, seemingly out of nowhere, the group re-formed and late last year they dropped a big comeback album, ZERO. Considering Misery Loves Co.’s expansive sound and wide-ranging influences, we figured that Wirén must have diverse musical taste, including some favorites that might surprise the band’s fans, so we reached out to him to participate in our “Surprising Music I Love” series. He had some great and (somewhat) unlikely picks.

Strokes – “New York City Cops”

Because it’s a great song with a brilliant singer, and it always takes me all the way to NYC. Every time I hear it.

The Specials – “Ghost Town”

Keep returning to that song. Few tracks captures that feeling of boredom as well as this one.

Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy”

Because she’s such a cool artist and great role model, and this is a song that I never seem to get tired of. Love the production.

Viagra Boys – “Up All Night”

Because they are the greatest thing to come out of Sweden since — Misery Loves Co.! Love the desperation.

The Jam – “Private Hell”

Because there was a time when I really felt that the Jam was the greatest band ever. And this is one of their greatest songs.