Hear Psychostick’s Outrageous Christmas Parody of Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”

Alfred Nitsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT , via Wikimedia Commons
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Psychostick should have called themselves Psychoschtick with the very dumb but very funny antics they pull with their parody metal absurdity that calls itself “humorcore,” and claims to be built on “hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics, and a high energy performance.”

For their latest creation, “Zombie Claus,” the crew takes Rob Zombie’s unbeatable 1998 classic “Dragula” and turns it on its head just in time for Christmas with re-written, yule-friendly lyrics, a video so idiotic you can’t help but laugh, and a loyal recreation of the OG’s infectious riffs and samples.

The track follows the tried-and-true RZ formula, but with an aggressively cheerful message in the chorus to “Spread seasons greetings / And slide down the chimneys / And give all the gifts cause I’m / Santa Claus.” All the while, frontman Rawrb Kersey dons a Santa costume with black dreads and white-out contacts to tie-in the Rob Zombie look with this unique bit of holiday cheer. He even drives a similar car as is shown in the original “Dragula” visual (which you can watch below) in front of a green screen while various film clips flash in the background. Sure it looks more like a busted Jeep decked out with cheap décor than a slick hot rod, but isn’t it the spirit that counts?

The rest of the video follows similarly faithful detailing and despite how bad this idea may sound on paper, it actually works in practice. Make no mistake: Psychostick are jackasses, but they’re being so with solid goals in mind and an applaudable level of ingenuity.

Psychostick don’t have a ton of shows coming up, but if you’re in Chicago on December 13th or Madison, WI the following day, stop by one of their gigs and see if they pull out this new seasonal classic onstage. Find full details, along with plenty of other info on the band, on their official website: https://www.psychostick.com/.