Rob Halford Discusses How He Developed His Signature Scream

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NWOBHM legends Judas Priest just launched a brand new fan question-and-answer session on the group’s official Instagram page, and one Priest diehard took the opportunity to ask iconic vocalist Rob Halford how and when he came up with the idea for his signature “scream.” While the singer didn’t give a very concrete response, his answer was full of inspirational words that any artist can draw on.

“Singers should really have a go at everything,” Halford said. “It’s all about discovering your abilities. It’s no different to a drummer or a guitar player — you’ve got the instrument and then it’s up to you to see what you can do with it. Just kind of get behind the mic and instinctively let your emotions take you where the song leads you. And always be open to suggestions and ideas from your bandmates: ‘Could you try singing it this way?’ ‘Could you try this note?’ ‘Could you try that key, scale?’, whatever.

Renowned for his powerful pipes, the singer continued, “It’s very important for musicians to take the blinkers off when it comes to opportunities that are provided to you from other sources — producers, band members. So it was just experimentation with me. It just slowly developed. It wasn’t an overnight thing.”

Watch Halford’s two Q&A sessions in full below.