Hear Life of Agony Throw Down on Intense Riff-Heavy New Song “Black Heart”

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Few records in the world of alternative metal have had the staying power of Life of Agony’s 1993 debut River Runs Red. It’s remained a touchstone of heavy angst and emotion due to its concept-album nature detailing a suicidal teenager’s worst week ever. The character’s issues with his abuse and struggles were easily relatable to a generation of disaffected kids unsure of how to feel, and it helped make the band who they are. Now over 25 years later, Life of Agony are about to release the conceptual sequel to the record with The Sound of Scars, due out on October 11th.

Today, October 4th, the band debuted the album’s latest single “Black Heart.” The song is an all-out fist-pumping jam, merging heavy riffs and perfect sing-along moments. Vocalist Mina Caputo shines bright here as well, progressively upping the intensity of her vocals as the song forges on. It’s hard to get a sense of what the new narrative for the record will entail and how the story will continue. Did the protagonist from River Runs Red survive the end of the album? We’ll have to wait to see when the full record drops. But, if he did make it — and we’re back in his perspective on “Black Heart” — that character seems to be in fighting form and taking life head on.

Hear “Black Heart,” and check out The Sound of Scars track listing below.