Dawn of Disease’s Lukas K.: 5 Surprising Albums I Love

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Founded in 2003, Osnabrück, Germany’s Dawn of Disease are set to drop their fifth studio album, Procession of Ghosts, on November 1st via Napalm Records (you can pre-order it here).  The band specializes in massive, bulldozing melodic death metal spiked with blackened atmospherics. But that doesn’t mean that the band members only listen to brutal extreme music. Ahead of the big release, we caught up with guitarist Lukas K. to find out some of his favorite albums that might surprise fans of his own ferocious output. He had some great picks — see them below.

Jamiroquai – High Times: Singles 1992-2006

I love that compilation! It really is a distillate of the best Jamiroquai songs. This summer I had the opportunity to see them live and it was simply awesome.

Long Distance Calling – Trips

In general, I’m a big Long Distance Calling fan. Usually they don’t have vocals on their albums, but this one with Petter Carlsen on the vocals is a very special one.


Antoni Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

This is one of my favorites when it comes to classical music. In my opinion, classical music and metal have very much in common.

 Gary Moore – Blues Alive

Although Gary Moore is also a great rock/metal guitarist, I really like his blues stuff. Thanks to my dad, I’ve listened to this album a thousand times and I still love it.

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

The Division Bell is one of my all-time favorites by Pink Floyd. I really like the sound and the spirit of this album. The title track, especially, has a very special “magic” in it.