Chad Gray: 5 Great Songs, From Mudvayne to Hellyeah

Alfred Nitsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT , via Wikimedia Commons
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When it comes to heavy-metal vocals, Chad Gray can do it all: sing, scream, rap, roar, you name it. From his days in makeup-slathered nu-metal weirdos Mudvayne to his current spot with southern-fried metal supergroup Hellyeah, he’s proven this time and time again. With Hellyeah on the rebound after the tragic death of drummer Vinnie Paul, and the 20th anniversary of Mudvayne’s debut L.D. 50 fast-approaching next year, here’s a look back at five of his finest vocal performances.

Mudvayne – “Dig

A ferocious middle finger to the music industry, this self-described “math-metal” rager introduced Mudvayne to the masses and made a lasting impression, thanks in no small part to Gray’s throat-shredding vocals.

Mudvayne – “Death Blooms”

Gray wrote this emotive anthem about his grandmother’s death, and his heartbreak is palpable throughout.

Mudvayne – “Happy?”

Mudvayne’s biggest hit, “Happy?” showcases Gray’s penchant for infectious, radio-friendly hooks even as he shrieks and growls.

Hellyeah – “You Wouldn’t Know”

Gray displayed his full range on this ripper off Hellyeah’s self-titled debut, beginning with a calm whisper and taking things to roaring heights.

Hellyeah – “Moth”

Gray’s emotive croon shines on this 2014 Hellyeah single, a moving exploration of what it means to be drawn toward the flame, like the titular winged insect.