Polyphia’s Clay Gober on Craziest Show, Dream Show and More

Photo by Travis Poston
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Texan progressive-metal troublemakers Polyphia are set to the hit the road with R&Bcore crew Issues later this year for a massive North American trek. Instrumental virtuosos, they shred like nobody’s business — just crank up their latest album, 2018’s New Levels New Devils, which incorporates elements of pop, EDM, funk and more into the group’s sound. Ahead of the big tour, we caught up with Polyphia bass player Clay Gober to talk all things live shows — from his best and worst performances with his band to his personal dream gig. Read on to see what he had to say.

What was your first show and how did it go?
Clay Gober My first show with Polyphia was this festival called Firefest that we played in late 2012 with Chiodos. I think it was at what’s now Southside Ballroom in Dallas. We totally played like shit and got hustled like sheep through soundcheck, but it was a huge rush and I was way too excited afterward.

What was your worst show?
Probably the first one!

How about your craziest show?
The L.A. show on the New Levels New Devils tour was gnarly as fuck. Had some good friends hop onstage with us and a fuckload more watching so it was just a really nice vibe. And the whole thing just snowballed.

What’s the biggest show you guys have played so far?
We played some pretty fucked-off shows in India. I think the biggest crowd was three thousand, at a festival in Slichar. Cool thing about big crowds is that they usually come with big stages.

What would be your dream show?
Playing with an orchestra conducted by John Williams.

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