Hear Hardcore Legends Agnostic Front Roar on New Song “You’re Gonna Pay”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Agnostic Front are bona fide NYHC legends who revolutionized punk rock with classics like 1984’s Victim in Pain and 1986’s Cause for Alarm, not to mention their notoriously unhinged live shows at CBGB and, ultimately, the world over. Over 30 years and 11 studio albums later, they’re still going strong. The mythology around AF — and particularly, core members Roger Miret (vocals) and Vinnie Stigma (guitar) — is explored and demystified in filmmaker Ian McFarland’s intimate, all-access documentary The Godfathers of Hardcore, which presents a poignant and all-too-human portrait of the two contrasting characters.

The doc has screened at film festivals around the world and been aired on Showtime, but now, venerated punk record label Bridge Nine is set to release it to fans for purchase across two editions: standard Blu-ray or a special limited-edition package with an expanded gatefold cover that comes with a special 7-inch live EP. Bridge Nine will also be releasing another exclusive EP by the NYHC icons, this one featuring three brand-new songs, including the burner “You’re Gonna Pay.” A short, sharp shock of vintage Agnostic Front, the song recalls the pointed ferocity of the group’s Victim of Pain era. Crank it up below and just try not to start a circle pit. You can order The Godfathers of Hardcore and more things AF via Bridge Nine.