Wristmeetrazor’s Justin Fornof: My Dream Supergroup

Wristmeetrazor's Justin Fornof; photo by Parker Coffman
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Screamo revivalists Wristmeetrazor are spending 2019 furiously playing shows in support of their latest album, Misery Never Forgets. Amid all the action, we caught up with to ask him what his dream supergroup would be, with no limitation as to who the various players could be, alive or dead, classic or contemporary, metal or not, etc. He thought about it a bit, then hit us with this intriguing lineup.


As if there is any question who the greatest frontman of all time is … Bowie can make any group of musicians better merely via presence alone. One of the last true rock stars and icons. The world is a lesser place without him.


Fashion inspiration aside, Martin Gore can write a hit. More importantly, [the Depeche Mode guitarist] writes hooky guitar leads that stay stuck in your head for days while also being one of the best electronic programmers in music. For each member of this dream supergroup, they’re being given a role, but I think any of them could fill most traditional band roles.


One of the innovators of playing a guitar that sounds like a synthesizer, and another multi-instrumentalist who was responsible for introducing New Wave to the masses.


The Green Man. Both a satirical and antagonistic persona, and a devastatingly heavy bassist. He adds the perfect balance of attitude and distorted bass. No “dream” band would be complete without.


Sascha [of KMFDM] is a great percussionist and drummer, but his role in my “dream” band is more for a touch of absurdity. Sascha Konietzko and Martin Gore in the same band is something that would be too contradictory for anyone to miss.



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