Shredhead’s Yotam Nagor: 5 Weirdest Places I’ve Stayed on Tour

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Tour life might seem glamorous and fun, but it ain’t for the faint of heart. Between the homesickness and long drives, there’s also the issue of where to rest your head each night. Up-and-coming bands cutting their teeth playing tiny gig after tiny gig don’t get to ride in a lux tour bus much less stay in a hotel room every evening. Instead, they get to crash wherever they can while trying to save up gas money. Israeli heavy-metal crew Shredhead know all about it. We caught up with guitarist Yotam Nagor to get a look at what tour life is really all about, warts and all.

1. Nazi bikers club

In our own defense, we are Jews and didn’t know that this is who the venue belonged to … Just after we left the place we found out. [Laughs]

2. Misfits shrine apartment

Not really weird, just not typical … The owner of the club had an artist apartment that was dedicated to the band Misfits! He had EVERYTHING related to the band — from real-size coffins to action figures.

3. Czech Krav Maga studio

When we played the Czech Republic, we got a pass to a Krav Maga facility so we can rest and have shower. Being from Israel — where they invented Krav Maga — it was funny to see it in such a small town in the Czech Republic.

4. Old-school Bavarian building

We played somewhere that I can’t remember in Germany in an old-school Bavarian building. I remember going into the venue, finding out it’s a small pub that I need to bend over because the ceiling is way too low. Wondering if that’s the venue for tonight I went to the promoter and asked, “Hey dude, where is the venue?” He was, like, behind this door… Now imagine a small door like the one you have in your house to go the toilet. I opened the door and found out a HUGE venue that can fill up to 1,000 people. I stood there for a whole minute trying to understand WTF.

5. Old Nazi submarine facility

There was a venue in France that, in WW2, the building was used to be a submarine facility for the Nazis — as Jews playing there, it was kind of a win.