Upon a Burning Body’s Ruben Alvarez: My Dream Supergroup

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Texan metal crew Upon a Burning Body have a big June ahead of them. The band has its new, fifth album, Southern Hostility — which sees a return to the long-running group’s hardest-hitting form — set to drop June 7th, via Seek and Strike, and they have three record release shows scheduled in their home state around that date.

Amid all this activity, we caught up with guitarist Ruben Alvarez to ask him what his dream supergroup would be, with no limitation as to who the various players could be, alive or dead, classic or contemporary, metal or not, etc. He thought about it a bit, then hit us with a pretty much unfuckwithable lineup. The only surprise? That no members of Pantera — the undisputed kings of Texas metal — made the cut.

Steve Harris (bass guitar)

‘Cause of his badass stage presence and ability to write amazing bass hooks! It seems he always knows exactly what to play to compliment a song.

Randy Rhoads (guitar)

For writing some of the most amazing riffs ever created! I couldn’t imagine what he would have become if he was still shredding on this plane of existence. Mixing a classical and metal feel can never be bad thing.

Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka (drums)

For creating the most brutal drums on the first two Decapitated albums. This is what made me double-bass over everything!!

Ronnie James Dio (vocals)

I shouldn’t have to tell you why he would definitely lead this supergroup — could you imagine what this would sound like!!! Holy shit, this would be ridiculous!