Songs to Live by: Glassing’s Jason Camacho

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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At its heart, music is all about emotion. Austin, Texas-based blackened post-hardcore outfit Glassing know this. Just listen to their new, sophomore album, Spotted Horse — due this Friday, May 17th, via Brutal Panda Records — and you’ll hear a full range of feeling. With this in mind we caught up with Glassing’s Jason Camacho to find out what music he listens to for every mood. Read on to find out the songs that the drummer turns to when shaking off the morning grogginess, looking for a pick-me-up and more.

When I’m pissed off:
Netherfriends – “Everybody Needs A Hug”

I have known Shawn Rosenblatt for many years and was lucky enough to live with this relentless artist. Most drummers aren’t that pissed cause we whack all our madness away. But if I am pissed, this kids’ trap song calms me down right away. Everybody needs a hug, foo.

When I’m feeling depressed:
Cocteau Twins – “Know Who You Are at Every Age”

It would be quite unfair for me to say that only one song from this album can heal my sad and heartbroken bones. THIS WHOLE ALBUM MAKES YA CRY WHEN YOUR’E ALONE. One of my faves next to Red House Painters.

When I get up in the morning:
Tamaryn – “Hands All Over Me”

Usually, it’s the X Files theme song, but next time you wake up and cook ya brefus blast this and feel what I feel!

When I go to bed:
The X Files theme song

… followed by endless episodes till I pass out with pirate booty cheddar poofs in my mouth.

When I’m hungover:
The Pointer Sisters – “I’m So Excited”

I stay in a butterflies endless nectar state, but when I do get the Sunday Scaries, I take a shot eat vitamins and BLAST THIS … It works — trust me.

When I’m getting it on:

Call me if ya wanna find out.

Song I want to be most remembered for:
Lechuguillas – “Kan U Reed”

My fondest memory with my former group. The engineer stepped out to get something to eat, but he didn’t tell us he left the reel rolling. We blasted some whiskey and went APE SHIT on all the studio gear there. Don’t believe me go check it. I’m a howling monkey.

Song I wish I wrote:
Wesley Willis – Rock ‘N’ Roll Will Never Die

Outside of Rock N Roll McDonalds. This whole album.

Songs I want played at my funeral:
Oneida – “Sheets of Easter”

On repeat, through some MONSTER ASS cabs, lock the doors fill the room with fog turn all the lights off then have one of my favorite groups Street Sects play over it. If I wasn’t already dead I’d be at that funeral front row.