Hear 3TEETH’S New Industrial-Metal Banger “AFFLUENZA”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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3Teeth, one of the hottest rising industrial-metal bands of the past decade, are back with a third single, “AFFLUENZA,” from their coming album Metawar, and this one’s a blistering critique of western consumerism and capitalist greed set to an electric buzzsaw symphony of bulky riffs.

Evoking the earworm hooks and decadent vibe of industrial rock at its peak in the late Nineties, the track is perhaps the band’s most radio-friendly to date. Singer Alexis Mincolla scathing attack on the rich and famous and our cultural obsession with observing them hits with visceral power amid the driving verses and catchy choral refrains, creating a rebellious anthem that’s equally suited for a ferocious mosh pit or strobe-lit dance floor. The Los Angeles–based band’s dedication to creating a holistic image sonically and aesthetically is somewhat of an anomaly today, with groups rarely dedicating such time and effort to put forth a cohesive representation of themselves through image, songwriting and even carefully-worded public statements.

“AFFLUENZA’ is the all-consuming epidemic of our time,” Mincolla explained of the single. “It’s a socially transmitted disease that infects via the prosthetic digital nervous system when exposed to the conspicuous consumption based infotoxins emitted from Kim Kardashian’s ass.”

Next up for the band is a whirlwind tour of Europe alongside industrial godfathers Ministry before heading back to North America to complete a summer run with punishing man/machine act Author & Punisher. Pre-orders of Metawar can be found here and a full list of show dates is available on the band’s official website.