Wormwitch’s Colby Hink on Craziest Show, Dream Show, and More

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Tonight (April 4th) in Spokane, Washington, Canadian black-metal trio Wormwitch will kick off the Spectral Storm Tour with Uada and Cloak, crossing North America before wrapping up in Edmonton, Alberta, back in their home country. The dates come ahead of the band’s windswept new album, Heaven That Dwells Within, on April 5th via Prosthetic Records. As Wormwitch prepped for the shows, we caught up with Colby Hink (guitars, auxiliary instruments) to get the stories behind the group’s best, worst and most insane gigs so far. Check out what he told us below.

What was the first show Wormwitch ever played?
Colby Hink
Our first show was at a skate bar called SBC here in Vancouver, with our friends in Selfist and Burning Ghats — R.I.P. All I remember is that it was freezing cold, Robin [Harris, bass, vocals] was very sick, but the show was a great time.

What was your worst show?
We’ve played our fair share of bad shows, but the worst ones are always the ones where there’s no one to blame but ourselves. One that comes to mind was our first time — and only time, so far — playing in Pittsburgh. It was our first show of tour, and our first show with a new drummer. Sloppy as hell, but an important learning experience.

How about your craziest show?
We played in Edmonton, Alberta, last year on tour with the Black Dahlia Murder. There were some technical difficulties with the sound system, so we started way late and only got to play three songs. You’d think this would be a buzz-kill for the crowd, but the anticipation built up and people lost their minds for the 15 minutes we were onstage.

What was the smallest show you guys have played?
We co-headlined in Nanaimo, British Columbia, on a small Canada run last winter. I think it was a Tuesday. There were less than five people in attendance, so the bands on the bill made sure to stand at the front of the stage and heckle each other throughout the night.

How about your biggest show?
I’m not sure if it was the biggest number-wise, but our set at last year’s Psycho Las Vegas festival felt huge. We really didn’t expect much, being a small band on a big festival bill, but I remember looking up after a song or two and realizing that the room was jam-packed. Great feeling.

What would be your dream show?
There’s a lot of awesome festivals in Europe that I’d love to play. Hellfest is on my bucket list for sure.