Watch Rammstein’s Retro, Riot-Starting New “Radio” Video

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After a lot of buildup following the massive release of Rammstein’s song “Deutschland” and its controversial music video, today is another big day for fans of Germany’s biggest metal band — the industrial titans have unleashed the second single “Radio,” from their long-awaited seventh studio album, due out May 17th. The group’s last album Leibe Ist Fur Alle Da came out way back in 2009, with them unsure at the time as to whether or not they’d ever record together again.

The video was teased Wednesday, April 24th, with a cryptic, black-and-white trailer showing three sound engineers prepping a vintage recording studio for some coming act as the riff from the group’s latest cut off the LP hummed quietly in the background. The full song builds around its grooving, mechanized riff with skittering synth lines and Till Lindemann’s characteristically gruff, anthemic singing, which, like the clip, throwback in the lyrics to a time in German history when the Berlin Wall split the country’s capitol and rock & roll was banned in the East. See the full “Radio” video below.

Guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe told Kerrang! in January that the band was planning five full video releases in support of its latest full-length. Given how the clips have gone in order thus far with the track list, it’s possible the next single and video to appear will be “Zeig Dich,” translating to “show yourself” in English. A full track list was finally unveiled last week, following the band teasing out individual riffs and song titles on their YouTube channel last week. See below for the listing, as well as to watch a video trailer for the full album featuring the LP’s strikingly minimalist cover art.

Rammstein album track list:
2. RADIO 04:37
3. ZEIG DICH 04:16
4. AUSLÄNDER 03:52
5. SEX 03:56
6. PUPPE 04:33
7. WAS ICH LIEBE 04:30
8. DIAMANT 02:33
9. WEIT WEG 04:19
10. TATTOO 04:10
11. HALLOMANN 04:09