Rammstein Tease Two New Songs “Radio,” “Zeig Dich” With Clips of Isolated Riffs

Rammstein, 2019
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Fresh off the release of their new single “Deutschland” and its headline-making big-budget music video, German firestarters Rammstein have begun teasing a couple other songs off their highly anticipated forthcoming album, which will be the group’s first in 10 years and is due May 17th. The industrial-metal sextet offered up short clips featuring the chugging isolated guitar riffs to “Radio” and “Zeig Dich.” The 23- and 17-second excerpts appear in a playlist on the band’s official YouTube channel, which lists the tracks in the following order:

1. Deutschland
2. Radio
3. Zeig Dich

Rammstein also promoted said playlist with a Facebook post stating, “First sounds! So höre ich, was ich nicht seh” — for those who don’t read German, the last phrase says, according to the Google Translate, “First sounds! So I hear what I do not see.”

The band’s as-yet-untitled album is available for preorder now via Rammstein’s official webstore, which also displays a censored track list for the record.

2. +ADI+ 03:00
3. ++++ DICH 03:00
4. A+S+Ä+D+R 03:00
5. ++X 03:00
6. P+PP+ 03:00
7. +AS +CH ++E++ 03:00
8. +IA+AN+ 03:00
9. WE++ WE+ 03:00
10. +A++OO 03:00
11. +ALL++ANN 03:00

On the same day as the record’s release, Rammstein are set to kick off a European stadium tour that will run through August 22nd — see the full itinerary here. No word yet on a U.S. tour. Kruspe told Revolver in December that the new LP will feature a “more melodic” sound and “different moods” than Rammstein have explored in the past. “We took a lot of time actually to arrange the songs and we experimented with a lot of harmony structures in the songs, which we haven’t done in the past because before it was all just to capture Till’s voice,” he explained. “This time, I had the possibility to bring some melodies and some vocal lines in there. It just was a different process this time so it sounds to me not like any other Rammstein record.”