Rammstein Reveal Striking Cover Art for New Album

https://www.flickr.com/photos/closeto94/, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Anticipation for Rammstein’s new album — which is due May 17th and will be the notoriously fractured and cantankerous group’s first in a decade — is reaching a fever pitch with the Germany firestarters meticulously fanning the flames with a slow, tantalizing roll-out. Things started off with a bang with the release of the band’s anthemic lead single “Deutschland” and the song’s provocative, headline-making, big-budget music video. Since then, the industrial-metal sextet has been leaking micro-teases of the LP’s other cuts in form of a YouTube playlist featuring brief snippets of isolated tracks from each song. You sample those below.

Now, Rammstein have taken things next level by unveiling the album’s strikingly simple cover artwork, the lone image of a single match on a white background. It’s a minimalist visual that says a thousand words for fans of the band’s pyromaniacal shows and show-rock inclination towards sparking up controversy. Check it out below as it is revealed in a newly released video teaser for the record.

On the same day as the album’s release, Rammstein are set to kick off a European stadium tour that will run through August 22nd — see the full itinerary here. No word yet on a U.S. tour. Kruspe told Revolver in December that the new LP will feature a “more melodic” sound and “different moods” than Rammstein have explored in the past. “We took a lot of time actually to arrange the songs and we experimented with a lot of harmony structures in the songs, which we haven’t done in the past because before it was all just to capture Till’s voice,” he explained. “This time, I had the possibility to bring some melodies and some vocal lines in there. It just was a different process this time so it sounds to me not like any other Rammstein record.”

Rammstein album track list:
2. RADIO 04:37
3. ZEIG DICH 04:16
4. AUSLÄNDER 03:52
5. SEX 03:56
6. PUPPE 04:33
7. WAS ICH LIEBE 04:30
8. DIAMANT 02:33
9. WEIT WEG 04:19
10. TATTOO 04:10
11. HALLOMANN 04:09