Enterprise Earth’s Gabe Mangold: Last 5 Photos in My Phone

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Would you show us the last five photos you took on your phone? Would we find a dreadful amount of selfies, godawful food pics or the evidence of your cat obsession? We recently asked guitarist Gabe Mangold (pictured above, far right), of death-metal crew Enterprise Earth, to share his most recent shots and he bravely cooperated. The band just released its ripping third album, Luciferous, via eOne Music/Good Fight Entertainment, but the shredder is not nearly as grim as you would expect based on the LP’s title, and while Enterprise Earth might be based in Spokane, Washington, Mangold could be based, well, just about anywhere. Find out why below.

“The last 5 photos I took all involve my tiny home trailer,” says Mangold. “I’ve been living, working and playing out of this space for almost a year now and I love it.”

“The two most recent pictures are of my camp by the Superstition Mountains, roughly 45 minutes to an hour outside of Phoenix, where I dwelled for close to two months. A record-breaking storm had just passed through the previous night and it had left the Superstitions covered in snow, an extremely rare sight for Phoenix even in the winter.”

“The next two are shots of my tiny home rig and my mobile studio setup. It’s a 16-foot-by-seven-foot trailer fitted with all of your standard modern amenities … except a toilet. Solar panels and sufficient battery storage allow me to run all of my studio gear and electrical appliances — there’s even a 30-gallon freshwater tank, a three-burner propane stove, three-way fridge, propane heater and outdoor solar shower. I also moved the speakers and recording rig outside one day to film some guitar stuff.”

“The last is a spot in Payson, Arizona, where we filmed a playthrough recently. We shot three videos in total up there in winter settings. It was cold!”