Tattoo Stories: Employed to Serve’s Justine Jones on First, Most Painful Tattoo

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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The members of fast-rising U.K. post-hardcore outfit Employed to Serve wear their hearts on their sleeves. The quintet’s last album, 2017’s The Warmth of a Dying Sun, pulls no punches, hitting intense emotional chords with the musicians themselves and their fans alike. The highly touted young group’s new LP, Eternal Forward Motion — which is set to drop Friday, May 10th, via Spinefarm Records, and features the hard-hitting singles “Force Fed” and “Harsh Truth” — is even darker and more personal. The latter, in particular, is focused around mental-health issues and its music video closes with a poignant message encouraging people to reach out if they’re dealing with emotional pain.

Employed to Serve frontwoman Justine Jones wears her heart on her sleeve in another way, however: via her colorful Alice in Wonderland tattoo. We recently caught up with the vocalist to discuss her ink.

What’s your most painful tattoo?
Justine Jones My Alice in Wonderland oyster that’s tattooed to the inside of my elbow. It made me feel sick when I was getting it done. My full sleeve of Alice in Wonderland [is also] my first and only tattoo.

So obviously, you don’t have any band tattoos. What band, if any, would you get tattooed on you?
I’ve been thinking of getting a Deftones tattoo — they’re my favorite band!

What is going to be your next tattoo?
I’m getting the label I work, Holy Roar’s logo tattooed to my outer ankle soon!

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist?
Yeah, the lady who did mine was awesome. She’s named Lucy Pryor, at Into You Tattoo, London.