See Rammstein’s Richard Z. Kruspe Get Torn Apart in Emigrate’s New “War” Video

Jonas Rogowski, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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While fans the world over are eagerly awaiting new music from German pyromaniacs Rammstein — the industrial-metal stalwarts are due to release their first album in over a decade later this year — the group’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe has offered up a disturbing music video from his longtime side project Emigrate. The gripping black-and-white clip, for the lead-off track “War” off the project’s most recent album A Million Degrees, sees a topless Kruspe singing the propulsive cut amid footage of raging storms, shattering glass and more. Meanwhile, all sorts of damage is inflicted upon him: His face glitches out and stretches, his body glows fiery red from its interior, and at one point a gun appears from the right side of the screen and blows his head off. In all, it makes for a compelling and unnerving viewing experience befitting the aggro anthem.

Emigrate just released a new EP of five “War” remixes, including new versions of the track by Aesthetic Perfection, Bazzazian, Darksiderz and more. A Million Degrees dropped late last year and features a slew of guest appearances, most notably by Kruspe’s Rammstein bandmate Till Lindemann, Ghost frontman Cardinal Copia and members of Billy Talent. As for Rammstein, they’ve been filming music videos all month and teasing the shoots — including one church-set production with frequent collaborator and Lords of Chaos director Jonas Åkerlund — on social media. No word yet on when the group will premiere one of the clips, though Krupse has said recently that the new album will drop in April.