See episode 3 of Alice in Chains’ Unnerving Alien Horror Film ‘Black Antenna’

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Alice in Chains launched the first two episodes of their new full-length sci-fi horror film Black Antenna, which is being released serially over the course of a few weeks. Directed Adam Mason (Into the Dark), the movie is composed of 10 chapters, each corresponding to a track on the Seattle grunge giants’ chart-topping latest album, 2018’s Rainier Fog. Episodes one and two aligned with the record’s opening duo of songs, “The One You Know” and the title track, while the newest segment — which premiered via SyFy Wire — is paired with the song “Red Giant.” The chapter moves the story along greatly, revealing the origin story behind the film’s protagonists Alpha and Beta. The two are aliens disguised as humans, with Alpha coming to earth via crash landing before stealing a human body and birthing his “daughter” Beta. The two have then proceeded to steal from the man that Beta seduces, using their plunder to construct the titular “antenna” as a means to communicate with their own kind at home.

Episode three also introduces a new character, Nil, a menacing preacher-like figure set on destroying the movie’s anti-heroes. “U.S. immigration has a terrifying dude called Nil working for them,” Mason told SyFy of him. “Who is similarly not of this world, and is hell bent on tracking down and killing any illegal aliens that come onto his radar.” Watch the segment below (and be forewarned that it’s very NSFW due to violence, nudity and language) and look out for new episodes coming soon. Alice in Chains are set to hit the road this summer with co-headliners Korn — see dates here.