Tattoo Stories: Spotlights’ Sarah Quintero on First, Worst, Most Painful Tattoos

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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It’s been a whirlwind few years for Brooklyn “DreamSludge” crew Spotlights — they’ve been handpicked for tours with the Deftones and Melvins, and signed to Mike Patton’s label Ipecac, which released 2017’s Seismic and 2018’s Hanging by Faith. The trio just dropped a new song, the chilly, ghostly “The Age of Decay,” ahead of what is sure to be another big year for the group. Amid it all, we caught up with singer-bassist-guitarist Sarah Quintero to talk about her tattoos, including a couple tributes to a particular favorite band.

What’s your most painful tattoo?
Sarah Quintero Top of my right foot. Melvins Bullhead artwork [by Brian Kimball at NYHC Tattoo]. So painful, but worth it.

First tattoo?
Japanese character on lower back. High school tattoo. Will be covered soon for actual art.

What is your most embarrassing tattoo?
Japanese character sticks again. Oh, the early Nineties.

Do you have any other band tattoos other than the Bullhead one? If yes, what is it? If not, what band would you get tattooed on you?
Yes, a few, including [Spotlights’] Tidals art. My favorite is the artwork from Melvin’s [A Walk WithLove & Death record, that Buzz’s wife Mackie designed. The three of us [in Spotlights] all got it tattooed, on tour, by our friend Chad Hartgrave.

What is going to be your next tattoo?
Really hoping to get some work done by Thomas Hooper. This will happen after slowly crawling out of touring debt.

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist?
I love a lot of artists! Hoping to have work done by these people in particular: Esther Garcia, Erin Chance, Lauren Sutton, Thomas Hooper, Shaun Beaudry and Eric Gonzalez.