Slayer’s ‘Show No Mercy’ “Minotaur” Is Now a Badass Action Figure

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The sword-wielding half-man/half-animal monstrosity pictured on the cover of Slayer’s debut album, Show No Mercy, is a foundational piece of heavy-metal iconography, proudly sported by many a hesher in the form of a badass tattoo or denim-vest back patch. The third episode of the band’s “Early Days” video series revealed that the image was painted by a friend’s dad, who based the artwork on photos he took of how the Slayer members stood onstage when they played. The biggest question regarding the creature, however, might be what it is — a baphomet or a minotaur?

While many fans understood it to be a particularly militant satanic “goat-man,” according to toy makers Super7, it is in fact the latter: a mythological beast with the body of a man and the head of a bull, who, in Greek legend, lived in the middle of a labyrinth where young Athenian boys and girls would be sent as regular sacrifices. The company recently unveiled a badass action figure of the Show No Mercy “minotaur,” which is the latest entry in their ReAction line, following up previously released Iron Maiden, King Diamond and Misfits creations. The figure — an official collaboration with the band — stands 3.75 inches tall and goes for a measly $15 via the Super7 website. If you’re looking for a way to prove your Slayer fandom, we certainly suggest picking up one of these over, say, carving the group’s logo into your arm.


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It’s time to “Face the Slayer”! The official collaboration with Super7 and Heavy Metal legends @slayerbandofficial is now available with the Show No Mercy 3.75-inch ReAction Figure! Become one with it here or at the link in our profile. #slayer #shownomercy #thrashmetal #reactionfigures #super7

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