Get “Sneak Peek” at Glenn Danzig’s Directorial Debut Horror Movie ‘Verotik’

mor10am, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Back in the summer last year, news broke that Glenn Danzig would be directing his first-ever full-length film, a three-part anthology horror movie Verotik based on the characters already established by his comic-book company of the same name. Produced by Cleopatra Entertainment, a division of the L.A. indie label Cleopatra Records, the film would not only be written and directed by Danzig, but also feature original music composed by the punk and metal icon.

Since then, Evil Elvis has been deep in pre-production, and now he’s shared some of the fruits of his labors in the form of the first stills from the film. Posted on Facebook, the three images — presumably one each from each segment of the movie — a topless vampiric-looking women gazing into a mirror, two demons in each other’s clutches, and a spiky-crowned witch-like figure seemingly about to sacrifice a virginal young woman by knife blade. The cast of Verotik includes adult film star Kayden Kross, as well as Ashley Wisdom, Rachel Alig and Alice Haig.

On the music front, Danzig embarked on a brief tour late last year, but has no shows scheduled for 2019 while he focuses on his film. He has said that he still plans to issue his long-in-the-works Elvis covers record, Danzig Sings Elvis, though no release date has yet been announced. In the meantime, his other band — reunited horror-punk heroes the Misfits — do have a big gig set for April 27th in Chicago, with Fear, Venom Inc. and Power Trip set to open. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.