Gojira just slayed Britain

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Gojira just invaded Britain again. This time they came equipped with a Grammy nomination, their most emotionally charged album to date, an army of new fans and a light show to blow your tiny little mind into a thousand pieces.

Anticipation for this tour was at fever pitch in the UK. Spontaneous deafening chants of ‘Gojira Gojira’ erupted in London, Birmingham and Newcastle as the lights finally dimmed for the band to take the stage of their biggest UK headline tour ever.  Chaotic mosh pits flared up throughout the shows. But the good kind. The kind where you know if you fall over a large, hairy sweaty man will be right there for you to pick you up.

Gojira’s music and this tour feel more urgent and pressing than ever. It’s a package metal heads can show to their non-metal head friends with pride and say ‘Look how progressive, powerful and awesome 21st-century heavy metal is. Look how much ass it kicks my friends. Look at it’.